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Financial Transaction Entry

A customized bookkeeping system will be created for your business and your business transactions will be entered into the system. Most of the transactions can be entered from your bank statements. More information is sometimes needed, however, to properly classify bank statement items, petty cash transactions, or auto expenses. That’s where supporting documents, such as deposit slips, paid invoices or receipts with accompanying proof of payment, and mileage logs recorded according to IRS guidellines come into the picture. For retail establishments, for interim accounting periods prior to year end, ending inventory and cost of goods sold can be determined without taking a physical count by using the “Gross Profit Method” or the “Retail Inventory Method”.
Trial Balance & Financial Statements Periodically, as you specify (such as quarterly), the books will be closed , a trial balance prepared, then financial statements prepared. Periodic review of financials is an effective and necessary tool to grow revenues, control costs, and manage debt. Whether you own a retail or wholesale business, a manufacturing business, or a service business, we have the expertise you need to keep your books competently and do your tax returns right.

Payroll & Payroll Tax Deposits & Reports

Payroll can be prepared “live” by JournalWorx serving as your payroll person to perform this function for you, or we can input the payroll information for you into the bookkeeping system “post-payroll”, meaning after the payroll function has been performed by your employee. Payroll tax deposits and reports can be made for you by JournalWorx or we can advise you when tax deposits should be made and reports filed.

Federal & State Tax Returns

Federal and State Income Tax Returns can be prepared and filed for you. If JournalWorx is managing your bookkeeping you will receive a discount off the regular price of return preparation. State sales tax returns may be prepared and filed for your business, also.


The Complete Bookkeeping &Tax Solution for Your Business